Irish Newspaper Circulation December 2010

December never brings any real cheer to the Newspaper Business – its a month where minds are on festivities and certainly not on print. This December will also be fondly remembered for the blanket of snow, which probably didn’t help figures in some quarters. The Mail on Sunday is the only paper here to be up on the year and, bar the Independent on Sunday, no paper is up month on month.      The tabloids seem to suffer the most, both on a month on month basis down nearly 17,000 and year on year down close to 19,000. The Sun took […]

Irish Times Digital and other yarns

There was a initial raised eyebrow on seeing the ABC cert for the Irish Times website. Raised in a positive way it has to be said. In November 2010 they had 3.9m unique browsers that month and over 36m page impressions. So mental congratulations went their direction. However, the brakes were soon applied on that sentiment when I read, what can only be described as a ‘gushing’ and, if were were splitting hairs (as they were in the story), a disingenuous article in their Business Section the same day. In an effort to be ‘comparative’ the article made reference to […]