Mobile Retail and m-commerce.

Some interesting stats and facts have come to light this month – in this instance concerning the rise and rise of m-commerce. In a report conducted by Tamar (UK Based Research) suggest that 19% of consumers will do their festive shopping via a mobile handset in 2010. I’d hazard a guess that there are also a huge number of individuals that will conduct their primary research on a mobile but might leave the “last mile” to be concluded elsewhere for a variety of reasons (some set out below). Tesco in the UK expect 10% of their sales will come through […]

Adwords and Trademark infringement

An interesting digging match is ongoing in London over the use of trademarks and Google adwords. The case was taken by Interflora against M&S over their used of the trademark name “Interflora” as a keyword in their adwords campaign (CPC of the keyword is €0.63 here). The case even dragged Google in with Interflora looking to hit them in the suit as well. However the ruling stated that Google simply facilitated third parties and did not mean that Google itself was using the mark. The court ruled that a third party could be liable ‘in the case where the ad […]

Irish Newspaper Circulation October 2010

The mornings took a right hammering in October loosing 11k month on month mainly spurred on by the red tops. The Sun lost 5% of it’s circulation in a month, The Daily star not far behind it at 3.6%. Nobody seems to have picked up any of these falling sales. The Irish Daily Mail didn’t escape the carnage  dropping 3.2%. All pretty bad news for the morning market. The Sundays also threw up a few casualties the most notable of which would be the News of the World back 4,400 in a month. It looks as if some of those […]