JNRS 2010

Released today, the JNRS for the period July – June 2010 show that readership of morning titles is down 86,000 compared to the same period 12 months prior and, conversely, the Sunday market in up 57k. The shift in the two markets could show a change of buying habits. Many may be abandoning the daily read in favour of reading a paper only on a Sunday.     The survey showed that 56% of the population read a daily papers while some 70% read a Sunday paper. Individually there were differing results. In the Mornings, still retaining top slot is the Irish […]

Irish Newspaper Circulations July 2010

To begin on a positive note* not in the last 18 months have we seen such an increase in the morning market – up a hefty 7,700 copies. Albeit mainly on the back of the Daily Star – but still! The Sun picked up a bit as well and both tabloids could attribute the return of decent sporting events a welcome boost to their sales. Still, reflecting on the previous year, the three (four) tabloids are back nearly 20,000 copies. Turning to the Sunday market the obvious eye sour this month is the Mail on Sunday. Since the beginning of […]