Irish Newspaper Circulation July 2010

To begin on a positive note* not in the last 18 months have we seen such an increase in the morning market – up a hefty 7,700 copies. Albeit mainly on the back of the Daily Star – but still! The Sun picked up a bit as well and both tabloids could attribute the return of decent sporting events a welcome boost to their sales. Still, reflecting on the previous year, the three (four) tabloids are back nearly 20,000 copies. Turning to the Sunday market the obvious eye sour this month is the Mail on Sunday. Since the beginning of […]

Irish Newspaper Circulation May 2010

Perhaps, for certain publications, we may have been a tad hasty in the comments for April’s figures. Or indeed it may just show the fickle nature of the newspaper buying public. The morning market was up marginally mainly due to the tabloids. The end of the Premiership, start of the GAA and the playoffs for the Heineken Cup all contributing to the copy sales. But they are no where near their levels from 2009 with the market down nearly 28,000. The Sunday market: many of the copies found by the News of the World last month drifted away this month […]

“Yer Havin a Laugh”!!!

I came across a company who were selling the virtues of their expertise in Web Design and SEO. I couldn’t complain about the Design side (although design is subjective in the first case) but I would have to take issue with their efforts in the sphere of SEO. I think where the problem arises is that the end client was blindsided as some point, given a spin like a whirling dervish. The “SEO Company” told them what it was – and the hadn’t or didn’t research the topic even slightly. The client was left with a decent enough website – […]