Newspaper Circulations February ‘10

Comparing month on month is a bit of ‘smoke and mirrors’. January is such a dead month for newspaper sales, using it can be a poor comparison. Since we are in February – we have no choice. Taking that into account, there were some positives. The Sun bounced back with an extra 2,300 copies on the previous month and seemingly not at the expense of any of the other tabloids. Other than that, the status quo was maintained in the mornings. The Mail on Sunday had a great month adding over 4,000 and the News of the World added a […]

Irish Newspaper Circulation March 2010

Every month, circulation falls by another small amount, but it’s only when you make a direct comparison to the previous year that one really sees the levels of decline. The market as a whole down 74,000 year on year. Sundays down 45,000 and the morning back 37,000.   In the mornings the Irish Daily Mail had a bad month down nearly 4,000 copies. It’s Sunday title also experienced a month on Month drop of 4,600. the buying public can the so fickle giving up on a publication when the promotions run out.  The tabloids should have had a much better month […]