Newspaper Circulations September 2009

Like it never happened and not a mention of it anywhere -‘like the orphan child’ as they used to say. One day your group has a combined circulation in the Republic of 6,400 (nothing ecstatic I know, but still..). Then the next month it’s a combined 1,400 – but not a jot about it! Is this the Mary Celeste of the September numbers? The circulation of the Daily Record and its big sister the Sunday Mail have all but collapsed here – but overnight? I don’t think so! In the absence of any comments either on the ABC site or […]

Irish Internet Statistics from Eurostat

EuroStat, the research body for Europe, published some interesting comparative figures in late September, which I finally get to comment on (not that the boffins in the EU are holding their breaths waiting for my comments!). The survey was conducted in the EU 27 countries and a further four countries to cover a ‘euro zone’. The questions are fairly basic but at least we are able to draw a competitive between ourselves and the rest of this Eurozone. Looking at the stats it has to be remembered that there are massive regional differences. Some countries adopted to the Internet much […]

Standard Stuff Really

The London Afternoon/Evening market has how (as of Monday) become a completely free model with the last bastion of cash, The Evening Standard, giving up the paid for model in favour of a free model. It was a fairly disparate market and more crowded twelve months ago, but it’s a homogenous one now will all the lasting publications opting to be given away. The Standards MD suggested that out of the 235,998 copies claimed in the ABC, they got revenue from around 100,000. At the counter the paper sold for 50p which, after deductions possibly netted them in or around […]