Irish Broadband Penetration

Broadband penetration, according to the OECD stands at 65% of all households. This leaves us behind the Euro 27 Average at 67.3%. Our near neighbour penetration rate stands at over 80% and top slot is taken by Korea (shout I’d assume) at just shy of 100%.   ComReg (data to Q4 2012) on the other hand give us a myriad of stats. We have 1.6m active internet subscriptions. 727k of these are DSL (copper wire to the great unwashed), 306k on Cable broadband, FWS firms at 64k, “Other” which might be satellite etc at 12k and 554k for Mobile subscriptions. […]

Media Revenues from 2009 to 2013

You have been handed the Media Revenue ‘crystal ball’, courtesy of the people over at PricewaterhouseCoopers Ireland– so which horse will you back? A recent survey on the Irish Entertainment and Media Landscape makes for some particularly interesting reading as it predicts (as much a one can) the revenues streams for the various media sectors between 2009 and 2013. Naturally some sectors fair much better than others in their predictions. They estimate that the industry as a whole will be worth $4.98 billion in 2009 rising to $5.9 billion in 2013 a growth of 2.7% per annum. This sector is […]

Used Car Websites and SEO

If you’ve been away, and I mean somewhere completely devoid of communications, then you missed the ‘crises’ in the car industry. New car sales have hit rock bottom and its been the worst year in recent times. In January alone new car sales were about 35% of the previous year’s level of sales. So, if the new car business wasn’t moving, there was (or is a growing) demand for second hand cars and seemingly an even bigger demand for cars within certain emissions categories which have the effect of reducing your overall running costs as well as the car tax. […]

Irish Newspaper Circulations June 2009

Possibly a month where the recent declines seems to have, in the main, settled down. The Daily Mirror was the big loser in the mornings along with the Daily Mail. The Redtops had a torrid time in recent months, but last month it looks like the declines may have bottomed out. The Mail On Sunday robbed rival The Sunday Times of 5,000 copies in one single month. The News of the World made much welcomed gains this month. May June MoM -/+ Daily Mirror 66,482 63,639 -2,843 Daily Record 2,297 2,229 -68 Daily Star 93,692 93,502 -190 The Sun 95,609 […]

A ‘Tender’ request for help

At one point yesterday, about lunchtime, I got a massive attack of boredom… So I decided to see what the policy of Tender Me was either conservative or “publish and be dammed” It’s the latter, well it was momentarily. The ad removed not too long after posting.

Ireland Advertising Spend Q1 2009

Neilsen have just released some fairly sobering statistics on the state of the Advertising economy for the first quarter of 2009. Globally, ad spend is down just over 7% compared to the first quarter in 2008. North America took the brunt of the fall with spending declining by over 12%. Europe did only marginally better with a decline of nearly 9%.      From an Irish point of view a 9% decline would have been welcome. The report indicates that Ireland’s ad spending fell by a massive 21.2% year on year, only surpassed in Europe by the decline in Spain  of […]

Facebook coupons: Hot and not so hot

The words “Starbucks” and “coupons” would have to be predicated with the adage “once bitten..”. The reasons for this are legend and well documented. However it’s good to see that they seemed to have learned their lesson and, in a recent promotion, they teamed up with Facebook to offer their customers a chance to sample one of a range of new ice-creams. Facebook users simply (a little over exaggeration) used a widget to claim one pint of ice cream. The widget allowed them to download a coupon delivered through This coupon is then redeemed at the counter of your […]

Print Transferring to Online

Back in March, the Hearst Organisation made a decision to cease publication of the daily the Seattle Post-Intelligencer in favour of moving the newsgathering output online. A decision hoisted on the company after the title lost $14m in 2008. The decision was taken to stop the presses and push the news into the pixels. So, on March 17th, the last paper rolled through the presses. Swiftly on the back of that transition, the corporation wielded the knife and slashed staff number from 165 to 20. Figures from Compete suggest that the publication may have risen for the ashes as the […]

SME’s and their Marketing Budget

The results of a survey conducted by Truvo for a recently held conference are particularly interesting for SME’s. The survey was conducted in three countries – Belgium, Ireland and Portugal. In total they canvassed 1850 small businesses and, as the survey was conducted in May 2009, it’s particularly topical. They posed the question: How do you allocate your marketing & advertising budget: Truvo have a vested interest in the SME sector. It’s where they get most of their revenue. This company, and others like it, have seen a decline in print adverting, advertiser numbers and average advertiser spend in recent years. […]