Compact Vs Broadsheet

Here’s an interesting one: Delving back to early 2007, this chart shows the number of broadsheet verses compact editions of the Irish Independent Actively Purchased. The actively purchased is used as I wanted to strip out bulks and see if the buying habits of the ‘hand in pockets’ population were swaying towards or away to a particular format. Non bulk sales of the compact are 81,352 (61%) whilst sales of the broadsheet are 51,186 copies per day. Broadsheet numbers are down 10,000 copies whilst the compact is up 4,000 over the two years. So there is a definitive shift towards […]

JNIR 2009

The latest JNIR arrived showing the web audiences of the participating websites. It shows that, out of the websites surveyed, Yahoo was the highest placed. Universe 3,526 100% 635 18 413 12 206 6 154 4 Golden 147 4 140 4 132 4 132 4 102 3 99 3 94 3 52 1 33 1 23 1 18 1 15 0 At least the JNIR (whilst not perfect) does go some way to try and get some demographic data into the area of Irish […]

Public Relations Firms and SEO

For a business that extols the virtues of publicity, the PR industry as a whole is a little shy in self promotion. I had occasion to research a small fraction of the industry some time back and I found it seriously lacking in the search engine results. I looked at some fairly standard industry public relations keywords to see how individual firms rated against them in results. Now, I would like to state that whilst the industry may seem in the face on it fairly generic it’s actually quite fragmented. Some firms specialise in specific narrowly focused areas and therefore […]

Google Search Results Related Searches.

Late March, Google¬†announced that it was going to make two variations to its search engine results, the first of which I will deal with here. Herein, at the bottom of the results pages, Google will give you ‘more useful related searches’ to the expression that you have just searched for. They quote that their algorithms “understand” the search term and can therefore throw up some useful, related search expressions. It’s a handy feature and it would be interesting to know more about the relative strengths of the ‘related searches’ to the original search. For example, I searched the term ‘Bebo’ […]