Page Titles

The ever present debate on title tags and what is deemed its acceptable face. The agreed wisdom is that the title tag of a document will only be displayed to roughly 66-68 characters in Google. Other engines have their own set of rules. For example Yahoo will display strictly 120 characters. I blame it squarely on the pixels. Somewhere, someone in each of the search engines has decided that the amount of title displayed in a search result has to be no more than X pixels in length. The number of characters displayed will then depend on the sentence structure […]

2D Barcodes

I’ve been a fan of QR Codes (2D Bar codes) for some time, looking at them first to see if I could utilise the technology to issue unique WAP links for various products. I could (and may still) and the technology is excellent in that respect, but the real problem was with their adoption, which was, well, lacklustre and fragmented. The technology allows you to capture a 2D code image with a mobile phone camera which is subsequently converted to one of a few (pre) chosen options. The QR code could be pre coded to be a URL for the phone’s browser; it could be text, an SMS or […]